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Staying in Your Own Home

Most Americans prefer to stay in their own home as they get older rather than move into an assisted living facility or a "retirement community."

Staying in their own home allows people to maintain their connections to their communities and friends, permits them to retain medical professionals who know their medical history, and gives them the comfort and security of familiar surroundings, streets, and stores.

As a major portion of our population ages it’s becoming more important for individuals to comfortably remain in their home. As life expectancy continues to grow it’s becoming more important to accommodate these needs. Small things can have a big impact, for example: widening doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, curb-less shower stalls, and adding grab bars can make a huge difference on ones quality of life. We have installed several elevators to help clients stay in their homes longer.

Serving Austin for over 25 years we have been fortunate to create long lasting relationships with our clients. As their needs change and or grow, it’s not uncommon to work on a client’s home several times over the years.

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